Rock Climbing at Medlow Bath in Blue Mountains National Park

Sunday, February 24, 2019
On the second day when I joined an intermediate class by ASM (Australian School of Mountaineering) at Blue Mountains in Australia,
We went to the Medlow Bath, about 8 km north-west from Katoomba.

By car, drive west out of Katoomba and into Medlow Bath along A32 (the Great Western Highway).
Pass the Hydro Majestic Hotel on the left and the railway station on the right, heading towards Blackheath.
The off -ramp on the left, just in front of MAZDA, takes you down to Belgravia Street.
Belgravia Street is just down a bit on your left. Turn left into Belgravia Street and park near the end.
There is a sign "TRACK", on a big tree at the entrance so follow the track downhill for about 10 to 15 minutes.

The wall on your left (looking out) is the Sunbath Wall.

And the small area to your right is The Block.
Continue around to the left (facing in) of The Block into the Kaboomba Brothers area.

The “Kaboomba Brothers 8” in the Kaboomba Brothers area is suitable to training for beginners.

We started practicing on the wall which is a 22m face up high, topped by small roof, about 40m left from "Kaboomba Brothers 8".

"Manana 13 (5.6?)" is good for practice to carrot bolt climb.

After the lunch break time, our instructor demonstrated a climb to the high grade of “Atoms in Action 25 (12a)”.

By the way, I later hear that he climbed this route with his injured fingers. 005.gif 

By the way, I always said that the cheer call is "Gamba Gamba" in Japanese, so Aussie climbers also learned the "Gamba" for cheering. 041.gif

ちなみに、いつも私が声援を日本語で “ガンバガンバ” と言っていたので、いつの間にかオージーたちも “ガンバ” コールを覚えてしまった。  

We were greatly inspired instructor's enthusiastic attitude, so we tried to challenge ourselves as well.
I also fell on "Radioactive Man 20 (5.10a)" in the first try, but I succeeded RP in the second try.

This is not enjoying a human hammock・・・hahaha 041.gif 
We are experiencing what happens to the human’s body if a climber fell and unconscious while climbing.


It was a fun and interesting two days that I spent with a very enthusiastic and nice instructor and friendly climbers.
I used to climb long time ago, but I have a length of the blank, what why, it was very useful for re-accumulating new knowledge.



下の “登山” をクリックしていただけたら嬉しいです。 ヽ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)ノ
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